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Easy-Swim - Private swimming lessons in SussexEasy-Swim - Private swimming lessons in SussexEasy-Swim - Private swimming lessons in SussexEasy-Swim - Private swimming lessons in SussexEasy-Swim - Private swimming lessons in Sussex
Easy-Swim - Private swimming lessons in Sussex

Common Fears / Questions

Should I bring my child swimming if they are ill? 
Do not take your child swimming if they are ill, particularly with respiratory infections like coughs and colds, or stomach upsets. Wait at least 48 hours after recovery before taking them swimming.   If you are unsure speak to the swimming teacher before coming to the lesson.

Should I put my child in arm bands? 
All swimming aids are provided; you don’t need to bring any with you.  Older children use ‘woggles’ (or ‘noodles')  if needed – they can sit on the noodles like they are riding a bike, which is a great warm-up, and teaches them how to treat water.

Will my baby be submerged? 
Only if you are both relaxed and ready. Prompts and cues are used to prepare you and baby to hold their breath for a submersion. It is safe and enjoyable for you both. Submersion is wonderful to watch, you will be amazed at your baby's natural abilities.

What if I (parent) am not a confident swimmer? 
Don't worry, you will be put at ease, and the teacher will help with any activities if you do not feel able.  All exercises will be carried out in a depth where you can comfortably stand.

What if my baby can't sit unaided? 
That doesn’t matter, you will be holding your baby at all times, and they will also be supported by the natural buoyancy of the water. One parent said: “I was amazed at how little I needed to support my baby in the water, and how she automatically started kicking away.”

What if I drop my baby/toddler in the water? 
Don't worry. If you do drop your baby or toddler, just scoop them up gently – don't make a fuss, as they will pick up on your anxiety. Just praise them, and carry on with the lesson.

How long can a baby be in the water before they get cold? 
Babies can stay in the water for about 20 to 30 minutes before they get cold. We keep a careful eye on the babies, and the lesson comes to an end if the babies are cold.

What is the youngest age a baby can be before they can start swimming? 
Generally babies start from about four months' old, but you can start sooner if you feel confident to do so - speak to the teacher about it.

How soon should my child feed before a lesson?
No sooner than 30 minutes for liquid food, and one hour for solid food. This is to ensure they do not have a full tummy.

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